Why Choose Us
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Why Choose Us

Kaituna Cascades was the original company to explore and open up the Kaituna River, a long standing goal achieved and one we are very proud of.

We were the first company to name the now famous rapids and give people the opportunity to paddle rafts and Kayaks (Topos) down this awesome river. For each person that achieves this adrenalin rush it is a personal triumph and a once in a lifetime experience. We get to do it almost every day “ it's the best job in the world!!

Kaituna Cascades continues to be the best, is always fun and most importantly strives to be the safest company on the river.

Were a company of paddling champions. Each time we put a raft/kayak on the river, we will give you the rush, and you'll feel the excitement!!

We look forward to meeting you!!!

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