Eco Tourism

The tranquil area of Okere holds significant ecological and cultural values which are worth protecting and restoring. It’s home to many native flora and fauna, some of which are critically endangered. The introduction of pest predators have dwindled their numbers significantly over the past centuries.

Predator Free Okere Falls is a project to rid of the area of introduced predator pests to give our native birds a fighting chance!

Kaituna Cascades are proud to be sponsors to this amazing cause. We have created a trapping line that runs riverside from our base into the scenic reserve.

We’re focusing our pest control efforts on the top three introduced predators in New Zealand – rats, possums and mustelids. This allows the forest canopy to recover, and reduces attacks on chicks and nesting birds so they can rebuild their populations.




Eco Tourism


Eco tourism

Predators Trapped at Kaituna Cascades


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