Rotorua is known for its natural beauty and wide range of exciting and beautiful things to do and see. One of the best Rotorua activities that you can take part in is the world-famous white-water rafting.

This corner of the Bay of Plenty is filled with lush forests and raging rivers, as well as delightful and awe-inspiring geothermal hot springs and caves that will take your breath away.

White-Water Rafting

One of the biggest attractions that Rotorua has to offer is the freshwater rivers that rage on through tight bends and between lush forests, making for some of the most beautiful scenery you’re likely to see on a white-water rafting experience coupled with some of the most challenging and thrilling rafting experiences in the world.

When it comes to white-water rafting, grade 5 is considered the highest level that is still doable and fun commercially – albeit not for the faint hearted. A grade 6 river is unrunnable by all but the most experienced and reckless of rafters, and even then, it presents an extreme level of danger that outweighs the reward. Grade 6 is also illegal for commercial activities in New Zealand.

The Kaituna and Wairoa rivers in the Rotorua area are grade 5 rivers, while the Rangitaiki is classed as grade 4.

Our experienced crew at Kaituna Cascades will take you on the ride of your life, including a tumble down the world-famous 7 m Tutea Falls, the highest falls in the world that are commercially rafted.

Hot Springs

Aside from the beautiful and lush forests, Rotorua is also famous for its hot springs. These naturally occurring geothermal marvels create hot water, perfect for creating natural spas for you to relax in and absorb mineral-rich water. You’re sure to feel well-rested and rejuvenated after spending some time in these luscious waters.

At Kaituna Cascades, we offer a stop at one of the finest geothermal reserves and spas – Hell’s Gate – as a way to warm up and unwind after the rollicking good time you just had on the white water.

The Hell’s Gate spa also offers a unique mud treatment filled with nutrients and minerals that will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Good Food

All of this activity will certainly leave you hungry, so you will be glad to know that Rotorua is home to plenty of varied restaurants to suit whatever tastes you might have. Choose from any of the 100 or so different restaurants in the area and enjoy the wide range of local cuisines available.

Of all the fun and engaging Rotorua activities, none are quite as exciting as the world-class white water rafting on offer. Book your spot with Kaituna Cascades today!