The highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world is the stunning Tutea Falls – a thrilling site for white water rafting that we at Kaituna Cascades provide tours for ourselves. We guide clients along an amazing Grade 5 white water rafting experience that glides past Tutea Falls and some of Kaituna River’s most impressive sites – the Powerhouse rapids also included! Assuredly, this is an experience you’ll never forget.

But, what exactly does it mean for Tutea Falls to be the highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world? And what do white water rafters have to look forward to here? Read on to find out.

How tall is Tutea Falls?

Tutea Falls is approximately 23 feet or 7 metres tall. This record-setter is situated near to Rotorua, found in New Zealand’s lush North Island. Ironically, Tutea Falls is just one of many iconic sights uncovered here! Visitors love the geysers, mud pools and hot springs almost as much as they love white water rafting.

The second highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world – Agers Falls in New York – is 5 feet smaller! Rest assured, if you’re visiting Tutea Falls for a rafting adventure, prepare yourself for an impressive drop.

What can I expect from a white water rafting experience at Tutea Falls?

The biggest thing you can expect from Tutea Falls isn’t only the steep drops at certain parts of the impressive route, but the Grade 5 rapids you’ll have to navigate as part of a rafting team.

Most white water rafting expeditions are generally pretty family and ability friendly; equipment is generally provided, too! You might know you’ll be well-prepared physically, but it’s important to brace yourself for a Grade 5 experience regardless.

The Grade 5 rapids at Tutea Falls may feature large, powerful waves that are both chaotic and unpredictable. There may be numerous obstacles in the river, and twists and turns that require manoeuvring. It’s important to make quick decisions and keep on top of your paddling skills if the beautiful Tutea Falls calls to you! Your mental strength is just as important as the physical.

Without doubt, rafters will be met with the adventure of a lifetime. If it grants you peace of mind, commercially rated waterfalls have been tried-and-tested by numerous different rafters! With the guidance of an experienced professional – like our hardy team members at Kaituna Cascades, who adore Tutea Falls most of all – there’s nothing you can’t handle.

Expert instruction and safety advice goes further than you may think! Bearing this in mind, there’s no better rafting company than Kaituna Cascades to take you across Tutea Falls and all the fun loops, drops, twists and turns involved.

To raft the highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world yourself, reach out to Kaituna Cascades at your earliest convenience. The tours that we host are guaranteed to get your blood-pumping! And, trust us – there are more benefits to white water rafting than the adventure. Your confidence and health will be vastly improved, too.