When it comes to choosing an activity for your work function, office party, or team building event, there are certainly many options to choose from in and around Auckland. Many companies opt for things like wine tastings, fancy lunches, etc. But have you ever considered white water rafting? Water rafting near Auckland provides you with many exciting opportunities to make long-lasting memories with you and your team!

Let’s look at some of the reasons why water rafting is the ideal choice for team building.

You Don’t Need To Be An Adrenaline Junkie To Enjoy Rafting

There is a common misconception that rafting is only for adrenaline junkies, but there are different types of rafting tours that cater for all levels of experience, including complete novices.

Ideal For Groups Of All Sizes

Whatever the size of your group, we can make a plan to host everyone.

Creates Solidifying Bonds

Experiencing something exhilarating together with your team allows you to get to know each other, trust each other and create solidifying bonds.

Far Removed From The Office

When you’re hosting a work party or a team-building event, it is always nice to get your team out of the office environment. Kaituna is as far removed from the office as you could get, and this really allows people to relax and have fun.

Perfect All Year Round

People may think that rafting is only a summer activity, but it is actually ideal all year round. The best thing about Kaituna is that there are hot springs that you can enjoy in winter or any other time of the year!

Provides Beautiful Scenery

During the rafting experience, your team will get to enjoy the beautiful scenery between the rapids and falls that is calming and relaxing. It’s a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with nature!

Create A Yearly Tradition!

If your team really enjoys the rafting experience, you can make it a new yearly tradition and an initiation for new employees. Give everyone something to look forward to throughout the year, and reward your valued staff with some fun!

Do you want to give the gift of water rafting to your colleagues in Auckland? Many of our clients come from Auckland. The journey takes just under 3 hours and the trip is well worth it! Please get in touch with us should you want to experience the excitement of water rafting for you and your team!