When you think of the best winter activities in Rotorua, you may not immediately think of river rafting, but it is definitely one of the most fun and exciting activities you could partake in during winter.

In this article, we’ll give you a few reasons why white water rafting should be on your bucket list this winter!

All Year Round Suitability

The great thing about the Kaituna River is that it is suitable for river rafting all year long. There is no off-season, so winter is just as good a time as ever to partake in a white water rafting adventure. No matter the season, you can book a river rafting adventure today.

The Right Equipment

The right equipment will be provided for you so that you do not get cold. This equipment includes wetsuits, fleece tops and splash jackets. This way, you can enjoy all the beauty that the river has to offer in comfort and warmth, no matter how cold it is. The exercise of paddling and rafting will also keep you warm.

Make Special Memories With Family And Friends

The winter can often be quite boring in Rotorua, and you may find that you are not spending as much time with family and friends as is usual for you. Take the opportunity and seize the day by booking a river rafting trip in Rotorua and create special memories that will never be forgotten.

Enjoy The Natural Hot Baths

One of the most incredible things that Rotorua has to offer is its hot baths. As part of a river rafting expedition, you can also enjoy the experience of the hot baths. These naturally heated geothermal baths are situated at Hell’s Gate. There are many myths and legends surrounding these hot baths and they are an experience not to be missed.

Feeling of Accomplishment

Yes, things may get a little chilly during the coldest of the winter months, but you’ll certainly experience a sense of accomplishment once you have gone through the rapids and reached the other end safely.

Looking to enjoy one of the best winter activities that Rotorua offers? Book an exciting white water rafting experience with Kaituna Cascades! Browse our website to find out more about our packages or get in touch with us directly should you have any questions.