Grade 5 Rafting on the Wairoa river in Tauranga 1


The Kaituna river is infamous for heart-racing white water rafting in New Zealand, Rotorua. Ranked at an impressive Grade 5, rafters on the Kaituna river might experience large and choppy waves, roaring rapids and challenging obstacles like trees, rocks and steep gradients. That is to say, when you’re up to the task, white water rafting in Kaituna can be extremely rewarding. Discover more about Kaituna here, and how to prepare for a rafting experience safely.

The History of the Kaituna River

The Kaituna river is rich with vibrant Māori history, deeply connected to the Ngāti Pikiao people who once used the river for eeling and whitebaiting! In fact, Kaituna itself translates to ‘eat eels.’ And, Tutea Falls, the seven-metre drop that characterises the spirited Kaituna river, is named after Chief Tutea, who is buried there..

Although Kaituna is now the domain of avid white water rafters and outdoor enthusiasts, it has also been used for power generation across the years – a diverse, multi-purpose river indeed! 

The Kaituna river is a very special place to the local Iwi’s and raft guides alike – we love this place.

How to Prepare for the Experience

As the Kaituna is a Grade 5 white water river, it’s important that you prepare for the experience in advance. At Kaituna Cascades, we provide all of the safety equipment that you need to enjoy your journey without worry, but often times, rafting is about your mentality, too! It’s vital that you inform yourself of the risks that come with adrenalin-inducing rapids, and are prepared to deal with big obstacles on the move, hydraulics and boulders included. 

Once you’re prepared, nothing on the Kaituna river will faze you. 

What You Can Expect

Overall, on the Kaituna river, you can expect a whole lot of bumps, steep waterfalls, and blood-pumping thrills! That’s on top of all the rushing water. But, we always like to tell our customers at Kaituna Cascades about the beauty of Kaituna, too. There are sights and sounds along this river that are completely unique – it’s a one-of-a-kind experience unlike anywhere else on the planet. 

White water rafting in New Zealand, Rotorua is a must-do. 

Explore the Kaituna river at its most thrilling with the team at Kaituna Cascades, highly-recommended professionals in white water rafting across New Zealand, Rotorua. To book your own Kaituna river rafting adventure, check out our website or get in touch today.